Our Fundraising Program - Easy, Profitable and Fun!

Urban Soap Bar's fundraising program makes it easy for your group or organization to raise the most money in the shortest amount of time. Prompt customer service and fun, addicting products that make our fundraising program a great fit and an easy solution for your group's fundraising needs.

The goal of your fundraiser is to raise money for your organization or cause in the simplest, most effective way possible - without being overwhelmed with all of the extra stresses that come with fundraisers. With the Urban Soap Bar Fundraising Program, we take the work out of fundraising and back it with our Customer Service Guarantee. 

We have been working hard to get this program off the ground. We're ready to help you right now!


Fundraising Program Options



Why Urban Soap Bar is the Best Fundraising Program for Your Group:

Every fundraising group or cause wants to raise the most money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of labor. Urban Soap Bar's program provides easy fundraisers that generate 40% profit for your group.

Plus, you'll be selling a high quality, "healthy choice" fundraising product that people look for and want. We offer multiple selling seasons and we individually package each seller's order. 



Easier for you to raise funds:

By promoting high-quality, value priced, branded products we make your supporters happy.  Large selection of items to choose from priced from $3.00 to $28.00 . Choosing Urban Soap Bar Fundraising will give your supporters a product that they want, and trust and will be proud to give as a gift or a treat for themselves. Our products are priced identical to our retail stores and your group earns 40% profit.

Easy to run: 

There are no materials costs to you, no order minimums, we tally all orders, ship each sellers orders with their names on their box, have a customer portal for our chairperson to understand how the sale worked and a 21 Day Service Guarantee that states we will provide 5% additional profit if we do not ship within 21 days after we receive your order. 

Easy to wrap up your sale: 

We will resolve any issues your supporters may have. Urban Soap Bar Fundraising will deal directly with your sellers, shipping any missing or damaged items straight to their home. We do everything we can to let your job end at delivery.




At Urban Soap Bar Fundraising we know timing is everything.  That is why we will give your organization an additional 5% profit  if your order is not shipped within 21 days of the date we receive it.*

The following rules apply:

An additional 5% profit on your total order, excluding web sales, will be issued in the form of a credit and applied against any outstanding invoices your organization may have. If you do not have an outstanding invoice, a check will be sent within 30 days of the month following the date the order should have shipped.

We will send you an e-mail confirmation when we receive your order. Please note orders sent or given to Sales Representatives may not be received by Urban Soap Bar Fundraising for up to a week.

We will send you an e-mail confirmation when your order ships however delivery tracking numbers may not be available on shipping companies’ web sites for up to 48 hours.

While we will make every effort to ship late or supplemental orders with your original order we do not guarantee the items will ship at the same time.

We reserve the right to substitute any item due to unavailability with one of equal or greater value. If an item can not be substituted, we reserve the right to issue a refund at the invoice price.

We reserve the right to ship items on back order separately.

Missed Holiday deadlines.

Our shipping promise does not apply to:

Orders with a scheduled delivery ship date “Must Ship” greater than 21 days from the day after receipt of the order.

Late or supplemental orders.

Items on back order and shipped separately.

Web sales.


* Our shipping promise applies to orders received within a Fundraising Season. Orders received prior to the start of a Fundraising Season will be shipped within 21 days of the start of the Season as provided herein. 21 days begins the day after we receive your orders.


Urban Soap Bar Fundraising will not be liable for any loss or failure to ship due to acts of God, natural disaster, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Urban Soap Bar Fundraising, its agents or employees. Once an order ships Urban Soap Bar Fundraising is not liable for lost or missing shipments. Urban Soap Bar Fundraising reserves the right to cancel “Must Ship” orders received less than 21 days prior to the “Must Ship” date. 21 days begins day after order is received.

For more information about Urban Soap Bar Fundraising please email us at, with the word "FUNDRAISING" in the subject.