- About The Brand -

I am Sarah Coupland, owner of Urban Soap Bar. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl, Scarlett Jane, wife to an amazing man Travis Coupland. I started this company while I was in college for nursing and just had Scarlett. I started making soaps and bath bombs, beard oils and more for family and friends and they loved them so much they started purchasing them off me. Urban Soap Bar was originally known as Scarlett’s Garden Incorporated in 2014, named after my daughter. My goal was and still is to use local farmers for my ingredients to help support Texas Farming.


We have slowly started to incorporate that into our products. We use all natural, pure and organic ingredients in most of our products otherwise we offer safe man-made synthetics. When I first started I was going to buy a company from someone, then decided I wanted something to feel proud of, something with a clean slate and something I could make my own. I had no idea what I was doing on a professional level. My father has always been a business man, he taught me so much and guided me in the right direction.


I took classes, I perfected my craft and went up from there. My first passion has always been helping people. I wanted a business where I could help people physically, mentally, and financially, etc. By using small businesses, local farming, and some of the best ingredients we could find we have created a family business that gives back to the community. We host fundraisers for local and international schools, businesses, organizations and good causes. We have recently added being a wholesale company for other bath and beauty makers. We provide specialty shaped molds and sell DIY kits for start ups. 

In life I feel that success is built on failures, struggles and hardships. In August of 2017 my mother was life flighted and had emergency open heart surgery for 13 hours. We were stuck in the hospital during the hurricane, I was away from my daughter and my mother was not doing well. It was a tough time. On top of that my storefront was being hit with flooding. When it was over we went and assessed the damage, we only had 8 inches of water, while our neighboring businesses had around 2 ft. We did however lose a lot of our inventory and my store was a wreck. In between taking care of my mother, after her release several weeks later, and raising a child and trying to recoup my business, I thought life couldn’t get any worse.


My Mom was told that what lead to her issues from the start was a genetic issue that we were not aware of. October 31st 2017, she was life flighted again and her heart had just taken so much that it stopped, and she passed on November 4th. I was now recovering from the loss of my mother and still trying to bring my business back to life. I refused to give up because I knew my Mom would want me to keep it going. So, in honor of her I decided to start doing fundraisers and use certain items to raise money for the Texas Heart Institute and CHI St Luke’s for the continued research into cardiovascular disease.

At Urban Soap Bar, our mission is to give back and help our community and those who need our help. We've teamed up with the DIYHG Foundation and Promote Texas Foundation to do just that. We raise money, collect perishable goods, donate health and beauty products from our store, and make essential bags to give to those less fortunate. If you'd like to help give back, learn how by going to our Urban Soap Bar page! 


This is what I want my company to stand for, we stand for Health, we stand for Love, Honor, Compassion, Integrity, and Peace. We pour our heart and soul into our products. Our products are also Cruelty-Free. We do our best to keep our packaging to a minimum and the ones we do  use, we do our best to make sure are eco-friendly and made of recycled materials or are reusable and recyclable. I come from a creative family, so most of our creations at Urban Soap Bar are specialty items. Our shapes are custom made by my husband and I. We do however have our average shaped products with our amazing scents. We make a variety of products from Soaps, Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers, Beard Oils, Shaving Bars, Bath Soaks, Balms and more. We try to cover all the bases and provide something for everyone. At Urban Soap Bar we are a team and each member gives 100%.  There are bigger and better things to come for Urban Soap Bar and we hope our customers will enjoy it as much as we do!

Left Picture: Scarlett (My Daughter), Middle Picture: My Father, My Daughter and I, Right picture: My Mother, My Brother and I. 

Love this little terror ❤️❤️❤️
First picture I’ve taken with my Dad sin
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